Fedora 13 Beta Release Notes

John J. McDonough wb8rcr at arrl.net
Wed Mar 24 02:32:17 UTC 2010

I wanted to drop a note to thank you for the incredible job that you've
done on the beta release notes.  

Tomorrow around noon Eastern U.S. time I will be building the RPM for
the beta release notes.  If you think you are done and would like to see
your translation in the beta, check that there are no errors.

contains a build of all the languages.  If you click on your language
and don't see the release notes, there will be a log file there.  The
last thing in that file should be the error that caused the failure.

I have set it to build every few hours, so if you see nothing at all
there, wait a few minutes and try again; it probably means you have just
got lucky in when you clicked!

Once again, thank you so much for the awesome job.


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