Self-Introduction: Fabio Abreu (English)

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Tue May 4 01:53:13 UTC 2010

 Name: Fabio Abreu
 Location: Niteroi/RJ, Brazil
 Login: fabioabreu
 Language: Portuguese / English

Profession or Student status: IT Analyst

 About Me: 
Hello! My name is Fabio Abreu. I'm 29 and I live in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro -
Brazil. I have been working in IT industry for more than 08 year and
during this time I had the opportunity to know how IT Service
Management works and contribute to it.

I am graduated as a Computer Network Technician and Strategic Marketing Management (MBA) Master's degree.

Actually I am working in an oil exploration and production
company, as an IT Project Analyst, with emphasis in relationship
management. For years I have been working in this area, knowing as well
as I can the business process and translating that to the IT technical

Linux is my life and now its is time to share some knowledge and help to make the world better.

Me and the Fedora Project: This is my first contact as contributor of Fedora Project. I would like to help this community to grow up more and more. My aim is to closer Brazilian and other portuguese native language users to the Fedora world. Joying technical and language translating skills will be the secret to helps Fedora Project on its journey.

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Fábio Abreu
fabio_abreu at

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