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Tue May 4 16:54:04 UTC 2010

Hi all!

I'll (hopefully) be joining in on the fun from today on and help out with 
translations to German. This is my first time contributing to Fedora. Nice to 
meet you, everyone!

My name is Julian Weißgerber and I'm 23 yo and live in the Saarland region of 
Germany. I'm currently working at the IT dept. of a local company and am also 
a student. I'm new to translating FOSS stuff, but I did some occasional 
translation work on other things before.

My main motivation besides contributing back to the Fedora community is that 
I'm trying to spread Fedora around here and often people criticise the lack of 
German language resources. Maybe I'll be able to help out with other things in 
the future, too.

I got some more contact information on the Wiki:

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Thanks for reading.

Julian Weißgerber

Jabber: squall38 at
E-Mail: sloevenh1 at
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