noriko noriko at
Wed May 5 03:16:23 UTC 2010


I can not find some strings below in PO file which are appeared in 
English at the above. Looking in some other languages, those strings are 
appeared in English as well, even those languages are all 100% translated.
Where can I find them to translate?

I believe that this site is fetching latest translation periodically, 
but how often?

Other Options
     *  Formats: DVD ISOs, Physical Media
     * Architectures: 64-bit, PPC, and others
     * Desktops: KDE, XFCE, GNOME, and others
     * Spins: Electronics Lab, Education, and others

o The section "Other Options", Formats, Architectures, Desktops, Spins 
exist in PO and have all been translated. But their descriptions such as 
'DVD ISOs, Physical Media', '64-bit PPC, and others' etc can not be 
found in PO file and left in English.

Export Regulations
By clicking on and downloading Fedora, you agree to comply with the 
following terms and conditions:
Read full export regulations

o 'Export Regulations' exists in PO and has been translated. But the 
description followed can not be found in PO and left in English.

Online Classroom
The Fedora IRC Classroom periodically holds classes to help you better 
use, understand, and manage your Fedora installation. Refer to the 
Classroom page for more information on upcoming classes, and archives of 
previous class sessions.

o 'Online Classroom' exists in PO and has been translated, but the 
description followed can not be found in PO and left in English.



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