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Hi Julian,

Welcome to the Fedora Localization Community!!

More information about the German (de) Team is available at [1]. Also 
you can join your team mailing list [2].

To learn more about the fedora localization process have a look at the 
Translation Quick Start Guide [3].

Please feel free to drop mail to the list if you require any other 

Wishing you all the best.

Thanking you

Best regards
Fedora Malayalam

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Julian Weißgerber wrote:
> Hi all!
> I'll (hopefully) be joining in on the fun from today on and help out with 
> translations to German. This is my first time contributing to Fedora. Nice to 
> meet you, everyone!
> My name is Julian Weißgerber and I'm 23 yo and live in the Saarland region of 
> Germany. I'm currently working at the IT dept. of a local company and am also 
> a student. I'm new to translating FOSS stuff, but I did some occasional 
> translation work on other things before.
> My main motivation besides contributing back to the Fedora community is that 
> I'm trying to spread Fedora around here and often people criticise the lack of 
> German language resources. Maybe I'll be able to help out with other things in 
> the future, too.
> I got some more contact information on the Wiki: 
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> Thanks for reading.
> Julian Weißgerber
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