Self-Introduction: Xaver Hellauer (de)

Xaver Hellauer xaver at
Sat May 8 13:03:54 UTC 2010

Name: Xaver Hellauer
Location: Munich, Germany
Login: xha
Language: German (de)
Student status: studying Maths and Computer Science (8th semester)

About Me: I first came to Linux with Ubuntu 7.04 in 2007. After a while 
I tried some other distributions and so I found Fedora.
I'm currently working at the IT help desk of my university. My 
assignments there are answering to users' questions as well as writing 
FAQs and manuals for our web site.
I have some experiences in programming Java and C++ and a good knowledge 
of XML and LaTeX.

Me and the Fedora Project: Having some experience in writing manuals I 
thought I could help translating the documents on into German, my mother tongue, because I 
found them very helpful when I started with Fedora. But i'm also 
open-minded to contribute in other sections.

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   Schl.-Fingerabdruck = 407C AAF6 A974 204E 0377  51C1 98FC 8363 820D 1CAD
uid                  Xaver Hellauer (aus München) <xaver at>
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