Self-Introduction: Miroslav Suchý (CZ)

noriko noriko at
Mon May 10 01:14:46 UTC 2010

Miroslav Suchý さんは書きました:
> Name: Miroslav Suchý
> Location: Brno, Czech Republic
> Login: msuchy
> Language: Czech
> Profession or Student status: Red Hat employee
> About You:
> You and the Fedora Project: I'm part of the Spacewalk development team. 
> I have to admit, that I will not translate too much strings. But I would 
> like to know how transifex works and expirience the process myself, so I 
> can provide relevant info in case some Spacewalk contributor would like 
> to contribute to our tranlations.
> GPG KEYID and fingerprint: ehmm, I have gpg key. I'm sure. But I did not 
> used it in this century.

Welcome to FLP.
To experience the process of submitting via Transifex, you need to join 
cvl10n group. Please follow the steps described in 'Accounts and 
Subscriptions' chapter in Translation Quick Start Guide [1] in case you 
have not done yet.

There is no Sponsor to approve you for Czech team, the instruction from 
Czech team coordinator of Adam Pribyl is needed.

It would be very helpful if Czech team coordinator (and/or any member 
who is supported by the coordinator) can become 'Sponsor' for new member.



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