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Sat May 15 06:28:58 UTC 2010

Hey Ruediger,

I just want to say to you that I have not forgoten your translation
requirement. I keep it in my mind.

Kind regards
Christian Ponce

2010/5/15 Ruediger Landmann <r.landmann at>

> Hi all --
> Just a note that Publican 1.6.3 will be in the repos shortly. This is a
> major bugfix release with fixes for around 20 issues including quite a
> few that specifically impact localization:
> 580360 - Publican does not allow programlisting/screen in entry
> 581397 - Updating zero-length PO files causes Publican to create
> corrupted PO files
> 581773 - a manual page reference should not break a paragraph for
> translations / PO files
> 582255 - <indexterm> is not translatable when outside of <para>
> 582649 - Some translated strings are not used, problem with non-breaking
> space?
> 582680 - <indexterm> should be standalone in a translation
> 583224 - <keyword> should be translatable
> The net effect of these fixes is that Publican now presents some strings
> to translators that it did not present before (such as <keyword>,
> <indexterm>, and the contents of <screen> and <programlisting>), and
> divides some strings in PO files differently from how it did before (for
> example, not breaking English strings into three separate strings around
> <refentrytitle>). These changes should make life easier for translators
> in future, and allow them to produce more complete translations.
> As we approach the final push towards Fedora 13, it's really important
> that Docs team members keep the POT (and therefore PO) files stable for
> translators -- we don't want to shift the goalposts.
> Therefore, do NOT use Publican 1.6.3 to refresh POT files for documents
> already in translation. If you do so, it is very likely that you will
> break existing translations.
> If you do need to update or change POT files for an existing document
> (which at this stage should require permission from the Localization
> Team anyway) make sure that you use Publican 1.6.2.
> However, if you need to generate or refresh PO files for some reason
> (for example, to add a new language for a document), it's fine to use
> 1.6.3: the changes in Publican only affect XML-to-POT, not POT-to-PO.
> Cheers
> Rudi
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