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noriko noriko at fedoraproject.org
Tue May 18 04:30:12 UTC 2010

Hi Docs team,
I have a question on the trans-task schedule.

John Poelstra さんは書きました:
> Start       End         Name
> Tue 11-May  Tue 18-May  Translate GA Announcement

Due to recent slip, this task to be also slipped to Start 18-May End 
24-May, no?
This is new task added in F13 schedule (if my memory serves correct). We 
have not received any file so far, what file format will be for translation?


> Fri 14-May  Mon 24-May  Translate rel-notes nightly POT builds
> Tue 18-May  Tue 18-May  Translation Deadline: GA Announcement
> Mon 24-May  Mon 24-May  Translation Deadline: 0-Day (PO Files complete)
> Tue 25-May  Tue 25-May  Final (GA) Release
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