Problems with Installation Guide

Yulia Poyarkova yulia.poyarkova at
Thu May 20 23:54:28 UTC 2010

> Hi,
> That was also exactly my question of Thu May 13, regarding IQSG.
> I hope that there will be the discussed possibility of dowloading po
> files as a zip file (I do not know if upload will be also available). As
> downloading and uploading all the files separately for F13 documentation
> was a little nightmare, diminishing the qood things brought by the new
> version of Transifex. Moreover, time spent with download/upload was much
> more prolonged with all the page unavailable/not found, etc.
Zip download request is still open [1].
Is there anything that can be done or anyone we can contact to make sure 
this ticket is looked into?



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