Website string additions and docs hack

Ricky Zhou ricky at
Tue May 25 04:57:24 UTC 2010

Hi, those of you in web might have noticed a few last-minute changes to
fedora-web, including some string additions.  These are there to handle
link changes on  Recently, got updated with a new design/better navigation.
Unfortnuately, it didn't occur to me that it changed some links that are
in strings on the website - sorry about that.

For now, I've added a script build/ which uses sed to
replace old URLs with their new URLs (in the right language) after pages
are built.  Soon, we will replace this hack with docs URLs in properly
translatable strings.  We have started this process by adding a
data/ containing URLs that have translated versions.
Some time after the release, I'm going to add these translated URLs to
the .po files.

The summary for translators is:

You don't really need to take any additional action now - we added some
new strings in data/ which we will automatically add
translations to, and that should be it.  Thanks for all the F13 website
translatoins, by the way :-)

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