Applying for docs-publisher groups.

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Thu Nov 11 00:05:34 UTC 2010

On 11/11/2010 08:51 AM, Jesús Franco wrote:
> As i've learned with this bug:
> No matter if a guide is 100% translated, it won't be published
> automatically, *someone* should publish the work done.
> I'd like to join the publishers group in order to let people access to
> last up-to-date translations we are working on (including peer
> reviews).

Done -- welcome aboard and thanks for the offer of help.

> I'm reading this howto, but i wonder if with the new Publican version
> (2.3), we are actually forced to logout an then login with en_US
> locale to avoid buggy links in the published guide:

[cc'ing this to trans list, as others there might like to know more 
about this problem]

As mentioned on the wiki page, you must only publish documentation when 
logged in with en_US as your locale. However, this has nothing to do 
with buggy links -- I think you're referring to a different bug with a 
different cause and different symptoms.[0]

The problem in this case is that publishing from a system when logged in 
with a locale other than en-US seems to break the navigation menus. 
Specifically, the labels that say "collapse all", "search", "Map" etc., 
plus any text with non-Latin characters elsewhere on the page[1]  -- and 
it breaks the menus /in all languages/, not just the language in which 
you are publishing.

Unfortunately, the problem is poorly understood at the moment, because 
those of us on the Publican team haven't had time to investigate this 
properly. We don't even know yet which specific set of circumstances 
creates this problem. Now that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is launched, 
we should have some more time :)

If you want to verify the problem on your own system, you could try:

* stay logged in with your Spanish locale
* check out web.git, as described on the "Publishing" wiki page
* create a new, local git branch and change into it: "git branch temp" 
and "git checkout temp", for example
* build and install a book, as described on the "Publishing" wiki page
* browse to the public_html/index.html page, and look at the navigation 
menus in a few languages to see if they look broken.

> Any other guide i should read to understand better the publishing
> process?

The Publican User's Guide[2]  explains the mechanism from Publican's 
side, in particular, Chapter 6. Building a website with Publican.[3] And 
of course, please feel free to ask questions on the docs list, and also 
on the Publican list[4].







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