Юрий Хабаров madb00blik at
Sun Nov 21 14:36:59 UTC 2010

name: Yuri Khabarov
Location: Russia, Bratsk
Login: b00blik

About myself: I using Fedora for many time, learning about web- and
database servers on Linux, also I study C++ programming.

Project Fedora and I: I had a little contribution in release-notes for
14 version. Now I want to work with russian documentation, translate

gpg --fingerprint A96CB3EA
pub   2048R/A96CB3EA 2010-11-21
Key fingerprint = 1E5D BCCF BBC6 5C6E 6794  4D15 7D2D FEB6 A96C B3EA
uid Yuri Khabarov (Fedora Docs Project) <madb00blik at>

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