Self-Introduction: Fabian Barrera (spanish)

Alexis Barrera barrera.alexis at
Thu Nov 25 01:16:13 UTC 2010

   - Name: Fabian Barrera

   - Location: Sogamoso, Colombia

   - Login: fabianbarrera

   - Language: Spanish

   - Profession or Student status: Web Developer

   - About Me: I'm a web developer. I use Symfony(PHP), Postgresql and
   obviously Fedora for my work.

   - The Fedora Project and I: Fedora was the first distro I used, and I've
   received so much from it and the Linux world. Now I want to collaborate with
   this project and make it even better.

   - GPG KEYID and fingerprint:

pub   2048R/3FE5A6B2 2010-11-24
      fingerprint = 281E 9E92 284D 613F 6056  25EC 7634 3672 3FE5 A6B2
uid                  Fabian Barrera <barrera.alexis at>
sub   2048R/2E7E41A6 2010-11-24
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