Self-Introduction: Tomasz Karpowicz / Polish

Tomasz Karpowicz karpowicz.tomasz at
Sun Oct 3 10:18:54 UTC 2010

# Name: Tomasz Karpowicz
# Location: Bialystok, Poland 
# Login: tietom
# Language: Polish
# Warehouseman

This is my first project in which I intend to participate. We are happy
to help you in translating documents and programs on the Polish

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pub   2048R/75ECE7DF 2010-09-30
      fingerprint = BE21 4298 15F6 D5FE 4913  FCA0 8C66 2BDB 75EC E7DF
uid                  Tomasz Karpowicz (TieTom)
<karpowicz.tomasz at>
sub   2048R/47C6A62E 2010-09-30

Tomasz Karpowicz <karpowicz.tomasz at>

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