English translators required!

Guillermo Gómez guillermo.gomez at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 05:19:33 UTC 2010

Yes, its time, excersice your Spanish skills.

Even considering that trans-es team will do it fine, and they will start 
working on this pilot project asap, i believe that a native english 
writer/translator should do it better most of the times, so here follows 
the invitation to anyone who want to join trans-es on the task to 
translate from spanish to english the new sw managemente guide for 
Fedora 14 release.

afaik what u need is git access to the doccument and be sure to use 
rebase branch.

$ git clone 
$ git checkout rebase
$ git pull

Then start working :)

The port to transifex is on its way too.

¿Will we need a trans-en group populated by nonenglish->english translators?


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