Self-Introduction: Simon Yan - Simplified Chinese

Simon Yan simonyanix at
Fri Oct 8 08:20:44 UTC 2010

* Name: Simon Yan
* Location: Beijing, China
* Login: simonyan
* Language: simplified chinese
* Profession or Student status: technical support specialist
* About You: I'm a huge linux/unix fan and I've been playing around with
linux since 10 years ago. I have a profession which deals with linux in a
daily basis.
* You and the Fedora Project: I started using Fedora since 7 and being on
and off from time to time. I've also joined Bugzappers team as well.
* GPG KEYID and fingerprint:

> simonmac:~ yansimon$ gpg --fingerprint 6AC6AFE1
> pub   2048R/6AC6AFE1 2010-10-08
>      Key fingerprint = 72B4 44FE F06C AEFD 6D75  2A6C 4122 A35B 6AC6 AFE1
> uid                  Simon Yan (yeeyaa) <simonyanix at>
> sub   2048R/DDF0F956 2010-10-08

Simon Yan
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