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Are you talking about RHEL6 Power Management Guide ?
If so, I am the one who is supposed to check everything and brew it later.
Unfortunately, IG is the first priority, next is Migration Guide and Power Management Guide is
after that.

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Eric "Sparks" Christensen さんは書きました:
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> I just published the Accessibility Guide, Readme Burning ISOs, and
> Security Guide in all languages that are at least 90% translated.  These
> should be showing up on the docs.fp.o website shortly.  Please let me
> know if there are any problems.
> Also, I've noticed that someone from the Spanish translation team has
> been publishing their guides when they are complete.  Thanks!  If any
> other individual/team would like to do this as well please let me know
> and I'll get you setup with the tools you need to make this happen.

Power Management Guide has been 100% translated in Japanese. But I am 
not ready to publish it by myself yet. Is any chance to have this 
published sometime?


> Thanks to all the translators for your hard work!
> - --Eric
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