Turkish Team

noriko noriko at fedoraproject.org
Tue Oct 19 06:04:57 UTC 2010

Hasan and Turkish translators

The username 'hasanalpinan' has now been approved cvsl10n group, and he 
should now be able to submit his translation via Transifex directly.

In the team page, there is no mailing list registered for Turkish team. 
I am curious how Turkish translators are communicating each other...


Hasan Alp İNAN さんは書きました:
>  Hi Noriko
> Fedora Linux Turkish Maintainer Devrim GUNDUZ <devrim (at) gunduz.org> 
> is missing. I can not reach him. I translate some po files but i can't 
> send to Transifex system. Because i do not have permission to write. I 
> do not know what to do. I need help.
> Thank you in advance. Best Regards
> Hasan Alp İNAN

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