Update POTs for new website redesign

shaiton shaiton at fedoraproject.org
Tue Oct 19 15:51:20 UTC 2010

>>> I was wondering if the " >" would be "translatable" regarding RTL langages.
>>> They don't need to change it?
>> Yes, we do need to change it, otherwise it will point to the wrong direction.
> My mistake, I'll revert that immediately!
> Hopefully this shows the importance of doing "single-purpose" commits
> -- easy to revert!

yup :).

> Paul
> (P.S. Side note -- if a conversation is bottom-posted, I try to bottom
> post replies. If it's top posted I top post my reply. Jumping back and
> forth is confusing.)
In the FP we used to bottom-post, there should never be top-post ;-)

Kévin Raymond

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