Troubles with outdated PO files.

Jesús Franco tezcatl at
Mon Oct 25 12:16:28 UTC 2010

I'm having troubles pushing my changes vía git. I've struggled the
whole night learning how to sync our language (Spanish) po's with
updated POTs I was waiting for "someone else" to do that because i was
fear to broke something. Now i've achieved update with publican the
PO's, but now i just have the slooooow and buggy transifex interface
and my changes aren't in just a file with minor fixes, but a lot of
fixes in several files, strings untranslated and so.

I just can't understand how is Spanish counted as 100% translated if
we are playing with outdated release notes ;)

Also, publican complains a lot about files without PO strings, having
checked every file has translations.

And, i'm not able to build the proofread copy since i've updated the
PO's with Publican. In file Xorg.xml stills complaining about
unrecognized <screen> element as children of <para> just at the bottom
of the strings. I've tried to found what i'm doing wrong looking at
other languages Xorg.po files but i can't see any difference (except
the language, of course).

However, below xml_tmp/Xorg.xml it's rendered different by publican:

at other languages building succesfully his html's, Xorg.xml has the
<screen> element starting at a new line separated from his father
element <para>. Just in spanish the <screen> is sticked at the same
line as <para> and always publican stop building the target files

I was having troubles with multibyte characters at others files, but
i've fixed on the file itself, and publican just stills complaining
about the "unrecognized" <screen> children.

Trying to workaround:

I've uploaded the Spanish PO files to this URL:

I'd be very thankful if you could take a look and merge the

I uploaded the list of errors publican is printing


I hope this could help, or someone can help me.
Now i'm going to poke my fellow translators, maybe they have more

Jesús Franco

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