Troubles with outdated PO files.

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Mon Oct 25 23:29:35 UTC 2010

  On 10/25/2010 10:16 PM, Jesús Franco wrote:
> I'm having troubles pushing my changes vía git. I've struggled the
> whole night learning how to sync our language (Spanish) po's with
> updated POTs I was waiting for "someone else" to do that because i was
> fear to broke something. Now i've achieved update with publican the
> PO's, but now i just have the slooooow and buggy transifex interface
> and my changes aren't in just a file with minor fixes, but a lot of
> fixes in several files, strings untranslated and so.
> I just can't understand how is Spanish counted as 100% translated if
> we are playing with outdated release notes ;)

The 100% figure is Transifex's calculation based on the PO files; 
Transifex cannot know how up-to-date (or not!) the content is.

> Also, publican complains a lot about files without PO strings, having
> checked every file has translations.

Normally, these warnings indicate that there is a string in the XML file 
for which there is no equivalent string in the PO file. However, in this 
case, it's certainly a false positive; XML and PO file entries exist for 
all those warnings. So this appears to be a bug in Publican -- please 
report it in Bugzilla --

> And, i'm not able to build the proofread copy since i've updated the
> PO's with Publican. In file Xorg.xml stills complaining about
> unrecognized<screen>  element as children of<para>  just at the bottom
> of the strings. I've tried to found what i'm doing wrong looking at
> other languages Xorg.po files but i can't see any difference (except
> the language, of course).
It's not a problem with <screen> -- Publican reported "Element primary 
is not declared in para list of possible children"

This was caused by this portion of an English <para> string: 

which was translated into Spanish as "<primary>vbetool</primary>"

Like Publican said, <primary> is not allowed to be a direct child of 
<para>, so the build failed in Spanish.

With the tags corrected, the Spanish version builds fine. I've checked 
in the corrected PO file.

Thanks so much for your ongoing effort, even under difficult working 


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