Publican 2.3 is here

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at
Tue Oct 26 06:23:34 UTC 2010

  Hi all;

Publican 2.3 is out today, containing some important bug fixes for 
Localization, plus the substantially reworked visual styles that we've 
been discussing lately on Publican-list. You can find a summary of all 
the changes on Jeff Fearn's fedorapeople page[0], or get more detail 
from the very first Publican Release Notes, thanks to Ryan Lerch and 
Darrin Mison![1]

Just like last time, it is particularly important for anyone translating 
documents or building translated documents to upgrade to the new version 
as soon as possible, because of the localization bugs fixed in this 

To accommodate the changes in visual styling, a new versions of the 
Fedora brand package (2.0) is also available.

To install Publican 2.3 and the updated brand packages on your Fedora 12 
or Fedora 13 system, download the packages from Koji [2]

If Publican 2.3 works for you on Fedora, please leave positive karma in 
Bodhi so that Publican 2.3 and the brand packages reach the main Fedora 
repos sooner.[3] Note that you must be logged in, or your karma won't 




[2] Fedora 13 -- 

or Fedora 12 -- 

[3] Fedora 13 --

or Fedora 12 --

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