Self-Introduction: Andrey Panasyuk - Belorussian

Andrey Panasyuk defascat at
Tue Oct 26 08:34:27 UTC 2010

  Hi, All!

*Name:* Andrey Panasyuk
* Location:* Minsk, Belarus
* Login:* defascat
* Language:* Belorussian
* Profession or Student status:* Software Developer
* About You:* I'm a software developer in a small outsourcing company in 
Belarus. Working mostly with Java and Groovy on my daily job. Having 
about 8 years of experience of working with different programming 
technologies including Java/JavaFX/.NET/Python, number of databases and 
other stuff. Was using Fedora as my primary OS for about two years. It's 
my favourite distro, so I'll be glad to become the part of community at 
least by providing the translations into my native language.
*You and the Fedora Project:* I'm going to provide translations to 
various tools. Already completed local translation of the 
system-config-users. Once I get some experience of working as a part of 
the community - I'll definitely try to participate in some application 
*GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
*pub   2048R/4C331DAC 2010-10-25
       Key fingerprint = 41F5 DC80 1C8C 8519 328F  FE94 4F60 9BD7 4C33 1DAC
uid                  Andrey Panasyuk <defascat at>
sub   2048R/AD451CBD 2010-10-25

Thank you,
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