[Fwd: Reminder Fedora 14 Final Readiness Meeting 2010-10-28 @ 19:00 UTC (3 PM US Eastern/12 PM US Pacific)]

noriko noriko at fedoraproject.org
Thu Oct 28 20:01:10 UTC 2010

Domingo Becker さんは書きました:
> 2010/10/27 noriko <noriko at fedoraproject.org>:
>> Hi all
>> I will be attending this meeting.
>> If any one has any issue which needs urgent attention, please let me know.
> Yes, please.
> There's an issue concerning the font rendering or something that makes
> the main site fedoraproject.org look bad in Spanish. For example, look
> at the string
> ¿Qué es lo que hace que Fedora sea genial?
> it has the opening question mark wrong, that character doesn't exist
> in Spanish, although the string is correct if you copy and paste it in
> a text editor (gedit).
> I read some other issues in devel list too [1], that it doesn't look
> good under other operating systems.
> The main site should look good in other operating systems and web
> browsers if we want to bring new users to Fedora. Potential new users
> will see the site in another operating system, not in Fedora.
> [1] http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2010-October/144772.html

Thank you Doming,
The issue has been reported at the Readiness meeting today. The ticket 
has been created [1]. Website team will be looking at this.
I hope that I understand the issue correctly... please feel free to add 
detailed information in the ticket if needed.



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