Transifex Website translation info are wrong, keep translating !

Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at
Fri Oct 29 08:09:21 UTC 2010

Le 29/10/2010 09:51, Petr Pisar a écrit :
> On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 01:05:58PM +0200, Thomas Canniot wrote:
>> Le 28/10/2010 12:31, Elad a écrit :
>>> we just need to get an approval from the translators, they probably
>>> really annoyed because of the many POT updates we did.
>> Not that annoyed, as long as everybody continues communicating on extra
>> POT updates as this has been done until now. I prefer to be informed
>> about updates with a kind email (even if someone made a mistake - that
>> happens !!) than having nothing in my mailbox and bad surprises on
>> Transifex.
> And that's exactly the problem of Transiflex. Translators must manually and
> regularly check some web pages to get know whether there is something new to
> traslate.
> E.g. GNU Translation Project robot sends e-mail to national mailig list if
> a catalogue has untranslated strings.

One of the next version of Trnasifex has this kind of feature. I should 
check if it is 0.9 or 1.0


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