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Laurin Novak laurin.novak at
Wed Sep 1 11:47:48 UTC 2010

Name: Laurin Novak
Location: Baden (near Vienna); Austria
FAS login: lineak
Language: German

About me: At the moment I am student. I recently translated some strings in 
Launchpad ( and since beginning 2010 I help 
writing the German ubuntu newsletter "Ubuntu Wochenrückblick" 
( And I am also translating some 
manpages of the distribution GRML ( into German. But now I 
would like help Fedora, because I like it really much (because of the good KDE 
integration and such things more) and work with it since the release of 

I and the Fedora Project: The next time particulary I would like helping 
translate the documentation.

GPG KEYID: F4239033
Fingerprint: A822 A303 BA6A E1AE E127 B07C 5AA4 9EA0 F423 9033
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