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On Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 7:39 PM, Thomas Canniot
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> Le 11/09/2010 16:29, Mostafa a écrit :
>>   On ۱۰/۰۹/۱۱ 05:48, Dimitris Glezos wrote:
>>> At some point we should be having a meeting to decide our action plan
>>> for translate.fpo. We either need more folks to help out, or even
>>> consider migrating to fedora.transifex.net, which we work hard in
>>> keeping up2date and stable*.
>> +1 supporting idea of "fedora.transifex.net"
> Why so?
> This means having translations translating outside the fedora project
> website scope. Is this somehting we want ?

This decision has advantages and possible risks (most of them similar
to any "outsourcing" decision). For projects like MeeGo, LXDE,
Mercurial and Creative Commons (and almost 1000 projects) it worked
nicely. :-) Others, like XFCE, have more resources and can maintain
their own instance. In the end it's up to Infra, and so far Fedora has
shown that it prefers hosting its own services.

> Dimitri, what type of skill do we need to have
> translate.fedoraproject.org back to its best days ?

Cookies need love like everything does*. =)

Kidding aside, a service like translate.fpo needs a sysadmin with
direct interest for good translations.


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