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noriko noriko at fedoraproject.org
Tue Sep 14 06:51:30 UTC 2010

Sorry top post.
As Dimitris said, we need more folks to help this problem out. And we 
hear some of us are showing interest for this. To fix the problem asap, 
while giving a hand to people who is brave to take L10N-damin work too, 
I've created the ticket for asking help to Infra team. Please add 
yourself in CC.


noriko さんは書きました:
>>>> Dimitri, what type of skill do we need to have
>>>> translate.fedoraproject.org back to its best days ?
>>> Cookies need love like everything does*. =)
>>> Kidding aside, a service like translate.fpo needs a sysadmin with
>>> direct interest for good translations.
> [snip]
>> Hi,
>> Is there any translator (transifex user) in the infra team ?
>> Wich knowledge would be needed to be a sysadmin (mostly for
>> translators)? I mean, as seen there is no really work around to
>> upgrade our transifex, hence if a new sysadmin join the infra to help
>> for that, would he be helped for that, or should he already know all
>> about it ?
> Sorry but let me roll back a bit. The original questions were;
> "How is it that transifex has been so unstable for the past months ?"
> "Before f13 it was rolling so good. Is the server not big enough anymore ?"
> This must be common questions for us, the cause(s) of the problem.
> It would be very nice to know the cause(s) first, so that people can 
> know the situation.
> In order to fix, the action list is needed. So that people can identify 
> what he/she can help in which part at which end.
> noriko
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