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On Sun, 2010-04-18 at 16:45 +0400, Inna Kabanova wrote:
> Good day!
> ----- "daniel cabrera" <logan at> пишет:
> > So, Yulia, Inna, just to be certain, do you think your team in
> > will allow other languages to join you and to use the structure you've
> > created? If yes, can we use your repositorys, or perhaps you think
> > that it's better host the files somewhere else? And the last thing:
> > I've found another translations of man pages in [2] that are
> > also related with you guys: Is there somewhere else where we have to
> > look for?
> > 
> > [1]
> > [2]
> Yes, certainly. You can add new team on [1] and you can also use our repo on [2] (if the name "man-pages-ru" doesn't embarrass you :).
> You can also add page in your language with instructions to (ask me about it in private letter).
> One can find some details about project [2] in file [3].
> There are 3 coordinators (Russian):
> kruvalig (Valerij Kruchko)- project [1] on (from  Russian Fedora L10N Team);
> yuray  (Yuri Kozlov) - project on [2] (He is from Debian community);
> and I (mama-sun, Inna Kabanova) - I'm responsible for communications with other projects in Russia, with Russian Fedora L10N Team and others. (But if you have some technical questions you had better ask yuray :).
> And what about project [4]: it is project of Vladimir Stupin (morbo). He created it to translate into Russian man-pages he want. For the moment projects [1] and [4] are not coherent.
> ----- "Dimitris Glezos" <dimitris at> пишет:
> > This effort be created as a global, common project, in order to
> > leverage the common toolchain. One repository should be created which
> > contains all source and language files. Something like "CMTP: Common
> > Manpage Translation Project". We should create a Google Group with
> > some instructions posted, etc.
> Yes, I think so too. But today we are at the outset and there are a lot of unsettled problems ahead.
> > 
> > Any downstream distribution which would like to re-use some of these
> > translations, could just use this repo as their RPM/DEB source repo in
> > their spec files. When we succeed in delivering a first set of
> > translations, the package maintainers could be informed about the
> > existence of this effort.
> > 
> > Downstream contributors (e.g. translators of Fedora, Ubuntu, etc)
> > interested in translating manpages could be encouraged to contribute
> > to this project.
> We try to contact with Russian teams from other distribs to invite them into the project.
> > 
> > > [1]
> > 
> > My questions mainly revolve around technical issues, like, how do we
> > keep these PO files in sync with the source repositories? With my
> > (poor) understanding, I can imagine a workflow as follows:
> > 
> >  1. We create a repo on github/bitbucket/foo which contains the PO
> > files.
> > 
> >  2. The repo contains a text file with direct download links to the
> > nroff files of upstream projects.
> > 
> >  3. A sync script is run every few days which downloads these files
> > and updates the PO files.
> > 
> >  4. A script/Makefile rule is provided to the developer which he can
> > run before he releases.
> > 
> >  5. A new developer can request the addition of his project/URL by
> > opening a ticket to our ticketing system.
> > 
> > Do these make sense?
> According to what Yuri's said me about your questions in our project we have only one upstream project ( and we didn't solve the problem of adding a new one. But it's interesting for us. So I ask you, Dimitris, to communicate with Yuri (yuray AT komyakino DOT ru) and kruvalig to take up this problems.
> [1] -
> [2] -
> [3] -
> [4] -
> -- 
> Inna Kabanova / Russian Fedora Team

The Spanish team has begun the process of updating our version of
man-pages-es-1.55 to the last man-pages-.3.26. In order to do so we need
to (i) convert our *.es.troff-1.55 files into *.es.po-1.55, then (ii)
create the *.pot-3.26 files, and finally (iii), update our *.es.po-1.55
with the *.pot-3.26. At this point we've finished man1, and we're
starting will man2. And we're uploading all our work here [1], in case
any other team would like to use those *.pot files.
We also really need guidance on how and where to host this files, so
from now on, for us translators, updating them will be as simple as
updating the rest of our distro. For that we would like to invite to
participate in this process to all of you that make our translation work
possible (ping Dimitris, Diego, Piotr, Rudi, Eric, Noriko, and everyone
else that I could have forgotten :) ). 
About this last point, and because of the cross-distro nature of this
particular task, we think that should also be considered the offer from
Denis Barbier at Perkamon [2].    


Best regards, 
Daniel Cabrera (es)
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