Self-Introduction : Guillaume Bonnoron, French

lenormand lenormand76 at
Thu Sep 30 00:06:04 UTC 2010

Hello everybody !

I'm Guillaume Bonnoron a.k.a. lenormand. Currently I live in Brest, France
but I may move within 2 years. I'm here to join the French translation team
Today, I study at TELECOM Bretagne engineering school and I have also some
skills in computer science and cryptography.
I've been using Fedora since Fedora Core 4, and I've always be pleased by it
so I have decided to join the project.

Here are my GPG information :
[guillaume at satellix ~]$ gpg2 --fingerprint CAF34F69
pub   2048R/CAF34F69 2010-09-29
Key fingerprint = A0C6 1356 DD7F B4BA E93F  D211 388D 3BF8 CAF3 4F69
uid                  Guillaume Bonnoron <lenormand76 at>
sub   2048R/D1712DFC 2010-09-29

Looking forward to working with you !

Guillaume B.
Be free. Think Linux.
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