Stéphane Arnold - French - new user

Stéphane Arnold stephanearnold at
Mon Apr 4 06:03:55 UTC 2011

Hi all folks:

I am a new user (sarnold) my name is Stéphane Arnold, I live in France.

I am working in a little company at administrative tasks. I am
interested in translating Linux desktop programs in French (fr_FR)
I have some computer skills, especially in development of UNIX C/C++ web
apps and Java web apps.

My GPG fingerprint:

pub   2048R/929B250E 2011-04-04
     Empreinte de la clé = 825C 5CFD BDEC 4833 FFC8  5533 86AE 5999 929B
uid                  Stephane Arnold<stephanearnold at>
sub   2048R/6C4A4732 2011-04-04

Thank you for your attention.

Stéphane Arnold

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