Self-introduction: Goran Rakic - Serbian

Goran Rakic grakic at
Tue Apr 26 22:59:37 UTC 2011

Hi everybody,

This is my quick self-introduction to the list.

Name: Goran Rakic
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
FAS and Transifex login: grakic

I am the Serbian native-language project lead since
December 2007, also contributing to LibreOffice now. In the past I was
an active contributor to the Serbian Gnome translation project. Most
important, I am the Fedora newbie.

I am already subscribed to the trans-sr Fedora Project mailing list. My
public SSH key is uploaded into FAS.

Few days ago, I requested for creation of a translation team for Serbian
Fedora Project on Transifex, as announced to the trans-sr mailing list:

While I do not want to become permanent project coordinator, I would
like to unblock contributions to the Serbian translations, leaving call
for new coordinator nomination open:

[goran at limun ~]$ gpg --fingerprint DE4AE69B
pub   1024D/DE4AE69B 2008-10-01
      Key fingerprint = CE82 BA64 D3B3 CA7A EB92  7A70 9581 9DB1 DE4A E69B
uid                  Goran Rakic (Goran Rakic on <grakic at>
uid                  Goran Rakić (Goran Rakic on - Serbian Latin) <grakic at>
uid                  Горан Ракић (Goran Rakic on - Serbian Cyrillic) <grakic at>
uid                  Goran Rakic (Goran Rakic on <grakic at>
uid                  Goran Rakic (Goran Rakic on <grakic at>
sub   2048g/0D6D3605 2008-10-01

Kind Regards,
Goran Rakic

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