Request to change team coordinator (was: Re: Inputs required for move to

Yuan Yijun bbbush.yuan at
Wed Feb 16 06:14:13 UTC 2011


I need some help, to remove my role of "zh-CN" translation team
coordinator, and I recommend TianShixiong to take it. His FAS name is
"tiansworld". He is very active in the community.

* On FAS I am able to sponsor new l10n committers. During past months
I always send emails to those translators sponsored, tell them to
subscribe mailing list and if they have any problem, ask Tians or me.
Please consider to grant him sponsor right.

* The "trans-zh_cn" mailing list is moderated for the first post of
any new members, also subscribers. TianShixiong may happily take this
job as well. Currently the official admin of mailing list is lliu and

* The coordinator registry (contains translation team name and email,
coordinator email, bugzilla information) should be updated.

* Tians has already requested to add a new team entry in the Transifex
1.0 system, and is still waiting for approval. He suspects that only
previous team coordinator can create new team and will become
coordinator. The new team request can be found here

Anything else?


bbbush ^_^

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