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Piotr Drąg piotrdrag at
Wed Feb 16 08:07:12 UTC 2011

2011/2/16 Yuan Yijun <bbbush.yuan at>:
> I need some help, to remove my role of "zh-CN" translation team
> coordinator, and I recommend TianShixiong to take it. His FAS name is
> "tiansworld". He is very active in the community.

Thank you for your work as a maintainer! I hope you will stay with us
as a translator.

> * On FAS I am able to sponsor new l10n committers. During past months
> I always send emails to those translators sponsored, tell them to
> subscribe mailing list and if they have any problem, ask Tians or me.
> Please consider to grant him sponsor right.


> * The "trans-zh_cn" mailing list is moderated for the first post of
> any new members, also subscribers. TianShixiong may happily take this
> job as well. Currently the official admin of mailing list is lliu and
> xhuang.

You need to file a ticket at for that.

> * The coordinator registry (contains translation team name and email,
> coordinator email, bugzilla information) should be updated.


> * Tians has already requested to add a new team entry in the Transifex
> 1.0 system, and is still waiting for approval. He suspects that only
> previous team coordinator can create new team and will become
> coordinator. The new team request can be found here


> Anything else?

I think we are set up now, since Bugzilla was already configured to
assign new bugs to Tian.

Piotr Drąg

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