Questions for move

noriko noriko at
Mon Feb 21 01:43:11 UTC 2011

Transifex team

I have a couple of questions as a team coordinator.
Could you help?

1. It has been informed that the old server ( will stop
accepting translations on 18-Feb-11. However the file 
(desktop-backgrounds) [1] is still submittable. Could you kindly check 
this, as well make all the submit button for other packages invisible?

2. For new translators, manual checking if he/she has obtained FAS 
account and signed CLA needs to be done by each team coordinator (no CLA 
checkbox appeared in reg screen). Any safe net in case a team 
coordinator did not  check FAS & CLA but gave approval?

3. In, the same number of particular language teams can 
exist as the number of projects which exists in Transifex. For example, 
transifex/teams/ja [2] (works for transifex packages) and 
fedora/teams/ja_JP [3] (works for fedora packages) consist of different 
group of members. But with first glance of the team pages, they look 
much same and confusing. For members sake, could we have a Fedora logo 
on every page which belongs to Fedora project? or any better solution 
will be appreciated.



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