L10N migration to transifex.net

Ruediger Landmann r.landmann at redhat.com
Mon Feb 21 03:33:01 UTC 2011

On 02/17/2011 12:43 AM, Zach Oglesby wrote:
> Over the last few days it has been decided that we are going to move
> all of Fedora's translation efforts away from a self hosted solution
> and on to transifex.net.

This decision has greatly saddened and disappointed me. With all respect 
to Dmitris and his team, to me, it seems like Fedora is giving up a key 
part of our infrastructure and our independence.

Therefore, I have obtained permission from my manager to put time and 
resources into packaging Transifex 1.1 for fedoraproject.org. I have 
also had the time and skills of two Red Hat sysadmins allocated to get 
Fedora's own instance of Transifex upgraded and migrated ASAP.

I believe that if the Fedora Localization Project is open to the idea, 
we could have an up-to-date and fully functional local instance of 
Transifex 1.1 available within a week.

Does this seem acceptable?

I also want to take this opportunity to thank Dmitris for his extremely 
generous offer to host this massive project on behalf of Fedora. 
However, apart from the reasons I gave earlier, I also can't help but 
feel that this direction would be grossly unfair on Dmitris and his 
business. Indifex is, after all, a commercial venture, and server 
resources and bandwidth aren't free of charge -- especially on the scale 
contemplated for Fedora. Just before I came to work for Red Hat, I owned 
a small IT business myself, and know that every penny counts! :)


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