Adding currency symbol in indian locale

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Thu Feb 24 07:12:15 UTC 2011

Hi All,

  I was looking for adding new Indian Rupee Symbol in Indian Locale i.e.
locale with name *_IN
But in some of the locale instead of Symbol, localized name of currency i.e.
INR is written

In bn_IN locale

int_curr_symbol       "<U0049><U004E><U0052><U0020>"  INR
currency_symbol       "<U099F><U09BE><U0995><U09BE>" টাকা

here currency_symbol should be ₹ <U20B9>,

same application for even mr_IN, hi_IN

see the reference of en_US
int_curr_symbol       USD
currency_symbol       $

  I will make a patch to update new currency symbol for all the locale with

Pravin S
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