Problem with uploading updated (and/or new) pos to Fedora subprojects in

Josef Hruška josef.hruska at
Sat Feb 26 21:13:47 UTC 2011

Hello Adam,

There are difficulties with uploading po files to Fedora projects in I am experiencing the same problem like here [1].  It
seems that there is a mismatch within Transifex concerning languages
teams variants (e.g. 'cs' vs. 'cs_CZ'). So I had to use 'cs' language to
upload a fully new Czech translation of Fedora docs project
website/Labels_cs_CZ.po in the upload dialog. However, I am still not
able to upload an updated Welcome.po.

Could you - or someone with appropriate privileges (that's why I also
cc'ing the FLP) to change the team language as suggested in the solution
to the problem?



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