Transifex migration

Thomas Canniot thomas.canniot at
Sat Jan 1 13:29:15 UTC 2011

Le 31/12/2010 01:14, Diego Búrigo Zacarão a écrit :
> Hello all,
> Yes, I'm not dead (yet). Just being a bit away. :)
> Well... Finally, thanks to the hard work of Domingos Becker, we've got
> Transifex 0.9.1
> packaged and an instance of it running at
> with
> some data from the production instance. Yeahh!! Submissions are not
> working, but you
> already can see what's different from 0.7.x.
> Now we enter the last phase of the process, I believe.
> I would like to encourage everyone willing to give feedback here to have
> a look on what's
> been implemented in 0.8.x[1] and 0.9.x[2] versions, so you can
> understand some aspects
> that will have to change from our current experience with Transifex 0.7.x.
> The main major changes are:
> * No more Collections. Now you can have releases in projects.
> * Project Teams support.
> I will not explain how things are working now. I'm assuming you know
> enough here. :)
> So my suggestion for the new structure based on Transifex 0.9.x is the
> following:
> Create a main project called 'Fedora' and create all the necessary team
> in it.
> Outsource the access control of all the other projects (anaconda,
> system-config-*,
> docs-*, etc..) to the main 'Fedora' project. This way the other projects
> will be using
> the teams of the main project as a unique and centralized place.
> The association of people with the correct team can be done manually.
> Everyone
> of us can request access to a 'Fedora' project team related to its language.
> The releases are going to be mounted under the main 'Fedora' project.
> You can have a
> idea on how things will work looking at the XFCE[3] instance that even
> have some
> customizations on the templates.
> That's the easiest way I could thought to manage the new workflow
> without much pain, if any.
> Thoughts?
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

This is so great !!

Here is a bunch of my already favorite features :

* Weekly notification for maintainers
* Translation Reviews
* Rich Commenting Support
* Project Releases and Removal of Collections
* Lotte Improvements
* Team Sharing
* Project Widgets

I just can't wait to work with it :D

About the staging instance, it seems to work however, it's quite 
difficult to understand what's not working because it is a staging 
instance (and thus, not full Fedora features instance). I mean, there 
are no translations teams, no possibility to login or test a file 
submit. Or maybe we can, but I did not found out where.

With regards,


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