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Martin Fajčík martin.fajcik at
Tue Jan 4 20:37:26 UTC 2011

Name:       Martin Fajcik
Location:   Bratislava, Slovakia
Login:        mfajcik
Language: Slovak
Profession: IT - Sw tester
About Me: If I introduced myself I would say, that I have been working for
ESET company as sw. tester of GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, and UNIX  products for
last 6 months and I had worked for one and half year as technical support
engineer before I have joined Test-Lab in the same company. Many years I
have worked with Windows platforms, but then I have begun to specialize on
Linux and I found that's the way I want to walk on. I have used Debian for
two years in my laptop. I work on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, SLES, openSuSe,
RH6, Centos, Gentoo, usually with Postfix and Squid on daily basis through
test process, but I still feel like newbie.
I am interested in bash, I'd like to learn python, and of course I like
translation at all.

   - Me and the Fedora Project: For that time I would like to help Fedora
   and Its user in Slovak translations team, 'cause understanding is basic to
   everything. I hope I will be helpful for community.
   - pub   2048R/405548AF 2011-01-04 Martin Fajcik (tester) <
   martin.fajcik at>
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with regards

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