Self-Introduction: Aurimas Černius, Lithuanian

Aurimas Černius aurisc4 at
Thu Jan 6 20:12:03 UTC 2011


I'd like to join Feodra translation project.
My data below.

Name: Aurimas
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Login: aurisc4
Language: Lithuanian
Profession or Student status: Software Developer

About Me:
I'm professional software developer. I'm also interested in Free 
Software development. I'm also a developer of Gnote (note taking 
application for GNOME) and member of GNOME Lithuanian translation team.

Me and the Fedora Project:
New Fedora user (migrated from Ubuntu). I'm interested in improving Fedora.

pub   2048R/3311A2CF 2011-01-06 Aurimas Černius (aurisc4) 
<aurisc4 at>
Key fingerprint = 4268 416F 9824 E8F1 6752  7C47 2B53 7910 3311 A2CF
sub   2048R/3EBD02E3 2011-01-06


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