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Sat Jan 15 08:15:57 UTC 2011

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> Hey guys.. it's finally out... sw managmente guide english version is
> available !
> I want to thanks to all those guys who helped me to pull this out :-D
> Translators to third languages can now work on...
> Let see how this progress, it took a lot of efforts.. THANKS !!!!
> best regards
> Guillermo _Gomix_
Ing.Guillermo Gomez S.


Hey, fellow translators. I'd like to recommend this amazing guide to
you. I hope you'd like it a lot. It teachs step by step the software
management in Fedora, from basic concepts to advanced skills. There is
even lot of learning useful to users of others distros an it would be a
nice contribution of Fedora Project to FLOSS ecosystem in Documentation
area, apart from Fedora specific sections.

Guillermo Gómez has a lot of experience as sysadmin, Ambassador and
documentation writer. I'm sure you'll find worth of your contribution
this guide. Kudos, too, to Domingo Becker and other translators who
worked on the translation from Castilian to English, in order this could
reach more people in our community.

Thanks in advance.

Salud, tierra y libertad
Jesús Franco http://identi.ca/tzk

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