Self-Introduction: Alberto, spanish

Alberto José Rubert Escuder alberto.rubert at
Mon Jan 24 16:58:44 UTC 2011

Name: Alberto or AJ
Location: Spain
Login: arubert
Language: spanish
Profession or Student status & About You & You and the Fedora Project:

GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
[alberto at FENIX ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 9D443A0A
pub   2048R/9D443A0A 2011-01-24
      Huella de clave = 2E2B 07A2 BA67 5569 ADA1  3F7A 9D65 C25E 9D44 3A0A
uid                  Alberto José Rubert Escuder <alberto.rubert at>
sub   2048R/055C643B 2011-01-24
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