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> Indeed : Dimitris is already looking how to make this doable :

Talk is cheap, so I decided to go ahead and setup a proof-of-concept
on Fedora Localization is TOO important to just let the
ball drop. Maybe some folks at FUDCon can also experiment with it.

I went on and uploaded anaconda and usermode, and created the umbrella
Fedora project.

If you want to play around with Transifex 1.0, just request to create
your own team or join an existing team, and open the web editor for
Anaconda or Usermode.

Any translations happened here might won't be pushed to git and will
probably be lost -- especially if we don't use this setup.

One other thing to notice, is that with Tx 1.0+, we can create
language packs. This is what we're doing in the next release of MeeGo.


To add an existing project on Tx

# Create Anaconda project on Tx: Transifex → Projects → Create → Anaconda
# Share teams with Fedora Project: Transifex → Anaconda Project →
Access Control → Outsource
# Push existing translations:
$ git clone
$ cd anaconda
$ tx init
$ tx set --auto-local -r anaconda.master 'po/<lang>.po' --source-lang
en --source-file po/anaconda.pot
$ tx push -s -t
Pushing 'el' translations (file: po/el.po)
Pushing 'gu' translations (file: po/gu.po)
Pushing 'mr' translations (file: po/mr.po)
## more info @

# To include Anaconda in Fedora 15 release:
# Transifex → Fedora Project → Release 15 → Edit
# If you're not a member of the Fedora L10n Admin team, just ping
# us and we'll include your project in the release.

To translate offline Fedora 15

$ cd my-translations
$ tx set --auto-remote
$ tx pull --language el
$ ll translations/*/el.po

To use translations from

$ tx pull (or add this in your 'make dist' rule)
$ koji build...


Dimitris Glezos

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