Coordinators who have not signed FPCA

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Fri Jul 15 17:09:39 UTC 2011

Greetings, we're getting ready to remove from the
people who have not yet signed the FPCA in transifex.  Unfortunately, this
includes 27 language team coordinators; many of which are the sole
coordinator for their team.

If we were to remove them we would also have to remove the translation team
as every team needs a coordinator.  At present we would lose the following
languages:  el, ro, de_CH, hi, as, ta_IN, zh_CN, bn_BD, si, fa, he, ast, sl,
mai, lt_LT, vi_VN, nn, lv, sk, hne

We've decided to delay removing people one week to try to get some more
coordinators to sign the FPCA in transifex so that we don't lose the teams.
Here's some options for what you can do to help with this:

1) I'll attach the list of coordinators[2]_ who haven't signed to this message.
If you have an alternate method of contacting them, let them know that they
need to sign the FPCA in transifex[1]_

2) Get other people to become the coordinators for those teams.  For
instance, the Greek translation team has three members who have signed the
FPCA.  If one of them took over as coordinator, then the team would not be
in danger.

3) Since we can't keep extending the deadline, we would like the Fedora
Translation Team's blessing to promote a random member of specific language
teams who has signed the FPCA to be the coordinator for their language if there's
no coordinator who has signed.  This will keep us from losing language teams
that have people eligible to continue submitting translations but is not
ideal as we'd be granting extra powers and responsibilities to these people
without explicit consent.  Feel free to discuss this and tell us whether
doing this or removing the teams without coordinators is more desirable.

.. _[1]: To sign the FPCA:
   a) Open logged in;
   b) Check the checkbox to agree with the FPCA after reading it;
   c) Click on "Sign it" and you are done.

.. _[2]:
  User: glezos            Team: fedora.el         Coordinators: 2
  User: ppapadeas         Team: fedora.el         Coordinators: 2
  User: Bouska            Team:         Coordinators: 2
  User: alexxed           Team:         Coordinators: 1
  User: mvd               Team: fedora.uk_UA      Coordinators: 2
  User: fab               Team: fedora.de_CH      Coordinators: 1
  User: rajeshr           Team: fedora.hi         Coordinators: 1
  User: aphukan           Team:         Coordinators: 1
  User: ifelix            Team: fedora.ta_IN      Coordinators: 1
  User: tiansworld        Team: fedora.zh_CN      Coordinators: 1
  User: ruigo             Team:         Coordinators: 2
  User: maktrix           Team: fedora.bn_BD      Coordinators: 1
  User: danishka          Team:         Coordinators: 1
  User: saeedi            Team: fedora.fa         Coordinators: 1
  User: htaira            Team: fedora.ja_JP      Coordinators: 2
  User: elad              Team: fedora.he         Coordinators: 1
  User: ivarela           Team: fedora.ast        Coordinators: 1
  User: daark018          Team:         Coordinators: 1
  User: Sangeeta          Team: fedora.mai        Coordinators: 1
  User: kaio              Team: fedora.zh_TW      Coordinators: 2
  User: smesquita         Team:         Coordinators: 2
  User: aurisc4           Team: fedora.lt_LT      Coordinators: 1
  User: tuanta            Team: fedora.vi_VN      Coordinators: 1
  User: kmaraas           Team: fedora.nn         Coordinators: 1
  User: Tranzistors       Team:         Coordinators: 1
  User: mmahut            Team:         Coordinators: 1
  User: raviratlami       Team: fedora.hne        Coordinators: 1

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