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> Hi.
> >From what has become a bottleneck for the Russian L10N team last cycle, the master branch contains one large module of 1077 strings that has been quite uneasy to collaborate on. Besides that it's a large amount of work for one person at a time, one locks the module to work on it exclusively while others wait. Can the unit be broken into separate smaller POTs so at least 3 people could work on it at the same time? For instance, it could be divided into "Home", "Features & Screenshots", "Downloads", "Community", "Using Fedora", "Help", etc. or any other way appropriate.
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I guess it could be split, but I don't really believe there's such a 
crowd trying to translate the website to Russian. Unlike software 
packages, you are not really forced into a time frame. The Russian website master branch has about 450 strings untranslated, you have a lot of time to translate it before F16 comes in.

I don't think it'd be needed to split the POT, but that's just my personal opinion. 

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