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Tue Jun 7 07:52:54 UTC 2011

07.06.2011, 16:05, "Gelei Máté" <mate.gelei at>:
> I guess it could be split, but I don't really believe there's such a
> crowd trying to translate the website to Russian. Unlike software
> packages, you are not really forced into a time frame. The Russian website master branch has about 450 strings untranslated, you have a lot of time to translate it before F16 comes in.
> I don't think it'd be needed to split the POT, but that's just my personal opinion.

I would say 3 people is enough. It's enough for as long as they are free to contribute only when they have time and desire to do so. For instance, one has been free to express discouragement by it being locked and not touch it after. Due to the small number of contributors it finally makes a difference.

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