Removing duplicate teams

Dimitris Glezos glezos at
Mon Jun 20 20:15:48 UTC 2011

A few months ago, some of the Fedora teams were duplicated to support
Publican's language format (eg. nl and nl-NL).

This support has been available in the Transifex Client for many weeks
now, and Publican projects can simply configure their Tx client to
easily map the Fedora Team languages to their dash format (ie. convert
nl → nl-NL) without requiring to have a duplicated team. This
configuration is stored in the ``.tx/config`` file, so it's going to
be available for all users of the git repos.

We will proceed in removing all the duplicated teams soon and only
keep the ones the L10n team uses. For example, remove nl_NL and only
keep nl (merge the first members into the latter and remove team).

The following languages will be RENAMED (two-letter teams do not exist):

 - zh_CN → zh
 - lt_LT → lt
 - es_ES → es
 - vi_VN → vi

The following teams will be REMOVED (two-letter teams already exist):

 - cz_CZ
 - it_IT
 - jp_JP
 - lv_LV
 - fa_IR
 - ta_IN
 - uk_UA

The Docs Project owners can follow something like the following:

 1. tx pull --translations (remote nl_NL → local nl_NL)
 2. <edit .tx/config file to add mappings>
 3. tx push --translations (local nl_NL → remote nl)
 4. # tx pull --translations #remote nl → local nl-NL)

Step #1 can only happen before we remove/rename the teams.

If there is a time constraint, or we are missing something, please let us know.


Dimitris Glezos

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