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Tue Jun 21 16:50:45 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 11:15 PM, Dimitris Glezos <glezos at> wrote:
> The following languages will be RENAMED (two-letter teams do not exist):
>  - zh_CN → zh
>  - lt_LT → lt
>  - es_ES → es
>  - vi_VN → vi
> The following teams will be REMOVED (two-letter teams already exist):
>  - cz_CZ
>  - it_IT
>  - jp_JP
>  - lv_LV
>  - fa_IR
>  - ta_IN
>  - uk_UA
> The Docs Project owners can follow something like the following:
>  1. tx pull --translations (remote nl_NL → local nl_NL)
>  2. <edit .tx/config file to add mappings>
>  3. tx push --translations (local nl_NL → remote nl)
>  4. # tx pull --translations #remote nl → local nl-NL)

Note to team leaders:

The above will work correctly only for languages which have NEWER
files in eg. nl-NL than nl. If you have been working on both variants,
please advice on what should be done with your files. Otherwise, if
you worked on eg. 'nl', we shouldn't overwrite your nl files with
stale nl-NL translations.

If you are a team leader and want to do the overwrite yourself (that'd
be great!) here's an (untested) recipe:

 $ tx set --auto-remote
 $ tx pull --translations --language nl_NL
 ### Edit .tx/config file: Add ``lang_map = nl: nl_NL``
 $ tx push --translations --language nl_NL  ### This will now push to
nl on server
 ### Remove nl_NL language from server (button available on popup)

One way would be to give some time for team leaders to run the above.
Then I could take backup of all files, migrate them to new teams and
remove unnecessary teams. Then the Docs folks can remove the extra,
unnecessary files.


Dimitris Glezos

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